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Industrial Specific Solutions


If you are a manufacturer and wish to get a system that will manage Inventory and Warehouse, Production Orders, Stock , Billing and other business functions, you should try ERP-X.

Manufacturing Ideal for discrete manufacturing (Make to Order, Engineer to Order). Manage material planning, shipping, sales and accounting, customer support and more.

Including Manufacturing Management & Inventory and Warehouse Management.


ERP-X is a favorite with distributors with its comprehensive inventory management system that includes Serialized and Batched inventory. Along with Sales and Purchase management, manage multiple price lists across multiple currencies.

Today the manufacturers and suppliers are building direct relationships with large wholesale customers. The information age is promoting price transparency at a lightening speed. As a result your clout and ability to earn on the markup price is diminishing. The manufacturers and customers are driving competition amongst distributors, reducing your markup prices and in turn your margins.


ERP-X has a built in Point-of-Sale Retail system that will help you manage single or multiple stores across with web. With strong accounting, inventory and CRM features to keep you on top of your data, ERP-X is ideal for small and medium retailers or single person shops.

A small or midsize retail business can have an advantage over its competitors, if it adopts an ERP to manage billing, accounting and inventory.

Service Provider

Service Providers can manage their Customer Relations, Billing and Customer Support in ERP-X. Along with a solid accounting and inventory, you can manage projects, HR (Leave, Attendance and Expense claims) and payroll in ERP-X.

Service Providers are using a collection of multiple standalone programs to manage their different business needs. An accounting package to manage accounts, a HR module to manage leaves, transfers, attendance, payroll etc; a web designer to design and update website and a CRM application to manage customers and sales.

ERP-X is an all inclusive platform that provides, Accounting, HR, CRM, Project Management, Time Management, Website development and many other applications. All these applications which are dear to the service industry are built into ERP-X.
Enterprise Digital Transformation Roadmap [?]
We enabling Enterprise Digital Transformation, we draw a big picture and we design the roadmap to assist local SMI/SME. Here you can have a better pictures of how the enterprise transformation was plan & implement from end-to-end.
What is Enterprise Digital Transformation?
In business context, Enterprise Digital Transformation is the process of integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how they deliver value to customers.

Why does Digital Transformation matter?
Your competitors are doing it. According to a Forrester Research report, executives predict that nearly half of their revenue will be driven by digital by the year 2020.
It will make you more profitable. According to the MIT Center for Digital Business, “Companies that have embraced digital transformation are 26 percent more profitable than their average industry competitors and enjoy a 12 percent higher market valuation.”
It will make you more efficient. Research shows, “Nine out of 10 IT decision-makers claim legacy systems are preventing them from harnessing the digital technologies they need to grow and become more efficient.”
Your customers will thank them. Whether external customers, or internal employees, people have already largely adopted digital practices in all facets of their lives, from shopping online via their mobile devices to adjusting their home thermostat remotely. They are waiting for businesses to catch up.

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FREE web page design

We provide free design, free consultation & helping you to migrate your old webpage to new stuning new outlook. Clean, simple, responsive GUI that allow your new webpage to browse over different platform like PC, Tab & Mobile in iOS or Android.
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ERP-X Features
  1. Fine Tune Processes
    ERP-X is designed to suits most business processes with minimal deploy efforts requires. Along with our expertise's knowledge will empower your organization with top industry grade business processes.
  2. Simple GUI
    ERP-X's Graphic User Interface (GUI) is simple, clean and easy to use by any level of users. Responsive GUI allow to use in multiplatform. It also provide a flexible API or external party application plugin so that you can hook up with any existing application such as Shopping Cart, Email, Social Media Network applications and etc.
  3. Cloud Technology
    Make use of the popular cloud technology provide an avenue to get the system ready up to date and system's expand-ability can be done as needed basis, without require the need to allocate any resources to your IT Infrastructure.
  4. Real Time Information
    All information are presented in real time basis, reduce the needs to reconfirm relevant information prior any business action. A single click of sale from shopping cart will auto trigger the update or your inventory, sales & account book automatically, immediately.
  5. Low Investment Cost
    With our business model we offer a very low entry price comparing to other similar conventional products. This will allow your organization to achieve ROI at a shorter time while enjoying the benefits of ERP-X.
  6. Multinational Platform
    You can choose more than 30+ different languages, multi currency according to your country horizon. ERP-X not only use by small company, in fact the backbone of the system was designed to support multi company or corporate across the country.
About Us

ERP-X was formed since year 2013 by a team of IT technical professional & business entrepreneur, comprise of mix expertise whose previously heavily involved into many project in one of the word larges ERP solution platform - SAP.

With more than 15 years experiences in the big organization ERP solution environment, it gave the ERP-X’s Co-Founder an opportunity to reflex how to transform a business into an enterprise digital company. Dozen of new enterprise digital models & ideas have been analyst and evaluated. This is to make sure that we are capable enough to provide world class solution but local SME/SMI budget solution mainly to our local SME/SMI clients.  

Thus, on top of the conventional ERP core units (Accounting, Manufacturing, Inventory, Sales, HRM etc.) functionalities, we have embraced our own service model which able to integrate our core unit functionalities with existing new IT technologies applications, people specialist,  bringing in best practices business processes and providing a better SRM platform to help  your business.

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